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Tablets to replace laptops, smartphones to replace desktops…

Are we witnessing the demise of the desktop and laptop?

John Herlihy, Google’s VP of online sales, believes that the desktop has about three years before phones replace it. And he first made that prediction a year ago.

Previously, only those with BlackBerrys used phones for everything, including simple tasks such as email. Now, according to a new Nielsen smartphone report, 43% of mobile phone users have smartphones. People use phones to do things that used to be reserved for desktop PCs, such as surf the web, play games, and watch video.

Is communication unification just a pipedream?

A few decades ago, any self-respecting middle-ranking company executive had two phones on their desk.

No one was really sure why, but it symbolised the incumbent as an important key-worker, a status enhanced by access to the executive washroom or a seat in the directors’ dining room.

Times have changed, of course. We now have flatter, faster and more responsive organisations.

Two-phone Freddie may have left the building, but his modern-day counterpart is thriving. Desk phone, mobile, smart phone, tablet, laptop, email, twitter, texts, instant messages, Skype… the list goes on.

Monitoring and managing home-based staff

It’s all very well having a virtual office, or staff working remotely. In fact many say productivity actually increases as a result. But how do you know?

That was the question posed by Rodolfo Torrallardona from Ericsson in Argentina, a question that sparked a torrent of comment. Clearly it’s a subject that is hot across the forum right now.

Are companies taking full advantage of mobility?

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company in the US has just launched a mobile version of its contact management package aimed at iPad users. It says, with dealerPAD, dealers can access important functions from anywhere, at anytime such as creating and updating customer records to searching the dealer’s vehicle inventory. Salesnet has also recently launched its mobile CRM for smartphones

Yet despite the evolution of such products to mobile applications, are companies taking full advantage of mobility, asked Graham Whistance on this forum. “Everyone gets their email on the move but how many companies really use mobility to the lengths they could?,” he said. “Do people access their CRM, accounts, ERP and reporting tools on the go? If not why not?”

Will Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype kick-start video-conferencing?

Will Microsoft’s $8.5 billion purchase of Skype kill or be the making of video-conferencing?

Video-conferencing has a lot going for it, said Dave Sumner Smith on the forum a few months ago. “Video-conferencing technology is easier to use than ever. The arguments in favour of face-to-face conversations over the web are compelling. And still its use in business remains very limited. Will it ever take off?”

“It won’t become commonplace until it is more reliable,” said Chris Conder. “The infrastructure to support it isn’t good enough in many places.”